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Fashion Victim des Fleurs d´Aloes (called Fashion)

Identity Card
Born : 08.12.2010
Daughter of Dr. Derek du Clos d´Athena and Betty Boop des Fleurs d´Aloes

Born white with color on her head and a bit on her tail. Wonderful fluffy and very easy coat to groom (like her father. Dark and beautiful pigmentation (black eyes, nose, mouth and paws). She has a super femine expression and a sweetness you can´t imagine.

Size: 24.5 cm high and weight is 5,2 kg

She has entered shows 4 times, all with Very Promising and Execellent
BOB puppy Brive 2011
BOB Young Besancon 2011
BOB Young Speciale of Breed Metz 2011

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