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Tilbydes til avl / Studdog

Alle mine 3 hanner står til rådighed for egnede tæver, stambogsførte i DKK eller FCI. Venligst kontakt mig for yderligere aftale.

Mine avlshanner er fuldt DNA testet (6 test) og fundet FRI for dem alle.
De øjenlyses begge 1 gang årligt.

Læs mere om den enkelte hund under deres navn.

All my 3 studmales are available as studdogs for suitable females, registered in FCI. Please Contact me for further informations.

My studdogs are fully DNA tested (6 test) and CLEAR of all of them.

They get their eyes checked once a year.

Read more of these test here:

You can read more of each dog under their names

I speak and write danish, german and english

Phone: 0045 2242 4002

Born: 26.2.2011
Son of Diabolic Clown Elegant and Jespersen´s Candice Classic

Standard size, born white with colored ears, complete scissorbite, masculine expression, black eyes and dark pigmentation, excellent coat, very good angulations and moves fluently


Born 02.12-2014
Son of Multi Ch. Jespersen´s Invictus and Fashion Victim des Fleur d´Aloés
Describtion: Born all white in a litter of 3 - 2 colored females (one of them Coton CPH´s Creme de la Creme - Bertha)
He has already shown wonderful showtalent. BEST IN SHOW puppy 1 & 2, 3 at International shows. As junior he has won titles as Copenhagen Winner 2015 (KBHJV15) and Nordic Junior Winner 15 (NORDJW15) and before he was 11 month of age he has achieved 3 DK CAC and 2 x res.CAC in Norway and Sweden. He is such an easy boy to love - always happy and the most wonderful temper


Son after Aischa of Woodland Cottage (daughter of Casanova-Snowy-Little-Bear of Woodland Cottage)
and IT.CH. Cotonbrie Hasta la Vista

Jagger is born all white with an excellent dark pigmentation. He is a young elegant builded male, with an fluffy typical Coton coat. His temper is amazing, very mild and full of energy. He often starts the fun here in my Coton Gang

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