BREEDER GROUP / Bornholm, Denmark 2018

Bornholm, Denmark 2018

NAT & IDS 17-19 August 2018
Coton CPHs Caspian Of Narnia
Coton CPHs House Of Cards (Spacey)
Coton CPHs Dream On Baby (Candy)
Coton CPHs Holding Back The Years (Mickey)
Show 1 - BOB Breeder Class - BIS2 

Judge: Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari - Good size, proper gender appreciation, correct proportions in body, correct shapes of head with breed typical expressions, generally good pigmentations with white coloured dogs, nice long ribcages, good bones for the size, excellent coat textures, sound
Show 2 - BOB Breeder Class - BIS
Judge: Karl-Erik Johansson - Smooth group of very good quality, excellent coat, some eyes could be somewhat darker.
IDS - BOB Breeder Class - BIS3
Judge: Marie K. Due - a class of 4 dogs, 3 combinations, all with typical character for the breed, all with good coats and nice movements, congratulations to the breeder.
IDS - BOB Breeder Class 
Judge: Anthony Kelly - Overall lovely type, clear lines visible, beautiful heads and expressions, breeder has achieved a very good job, excellent temperaments.
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