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Coton CPH's Magic Molly

Identity Card

Born on 18. February 2018
DAM: INTCH SMCH Coton CPH's Creme de la Creme - BERTHA
SIRE: SECH DKCH SMCH Carbonebianco Jaguar - JAGGER

Molly was born in a litter of 3, 2 females and 1 male. Both females stayed at home. They are different, Molly is a copy of her beautiful mom and DeeDee of her handsome dad, with a female twist. They are like Ying & Yang, always togeyther and sharing everything. One of the best things I have done, to keep them both at home.

Molly has a compact and femine body, just as I like them. Her personality is simply amazing, she charmes her way through life - including the judges. Molly started her show carrier late, because I waited to let her color fade. With 14 months of age she entered for the first time at an IDS in Denmark and took the title BEST JUNIOR both days and got her first adult CAC. Can't wait to see her continue what she has started, she has great potential - at least I think so. Only time will show..
Titles and Results:
Copenhagen Winner 2019
DK: 1
SM: 1
IT: 2
DK: 2
SE: 1
SM: 1
IT: 2
DK: 2
COTON CPH Kennel by MARTENS. DENMARK COPENHAGEN  | Tlf.: +45 22424002 | bettinamartens@hotmail.com